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Wednesday, November 9

Malaysian too hardworking

PETALING JAYA: Malaysians are clocking in more hours at work and bringing their office load back home, too.

“Some 47% of workers in Malaysia take tasks home to finish at the end of the day for more than three times a week, compared to 43% globally,” statistics in a global survey by workplace provider Regus showed.

Another 15% of Malaysian employees regularly work for more than 11 hours a day, compared to 10% globally.

The survey also showed 32% of Malaysian workers usually worked between nine and 11 hours every day.

Some 12,000 business people in 85 countries participated in the survey.

William Willems, regional vice-president for Regus Australia, New Zealand and South-East Asia said the study found “a clear blurring” of the line separating work and home.

“The long-term effects of such over-work could be damaging to both workers' health and overall productivity.

“This is because workers may drive themselves too hard and become disaffected, depressed and even physically ill,” he said.

Willems said businesses that enabled employees to work from locations closer to home and manage their time more independently could offset the stress of a poor work-life balance.

On a global scale, the survey revealed that women were less likely to take work home compared to men, with 32% of women bringing tasks to finish at home more than three times a week compared to 48% of men.

“Workers in smaller companies globally were more likely to take work home than those working in large firms,” the study said.

Haaa.....amacam you alls?? Ada terasa dush dush dush kat diri sendiri tak? Actually environment kat Malaysia memang gini kan?. My friend sendiri pun bawak balik work load kat rumah masa kebetulan i terchat fb dengan dia tanya buat apa. Dia kata sambil2 release tension buat kerja office dia chat dengan i. See......

Hubby pun ada cerita mat salleh kat office dia. Dia datang awal pagi ke tempat kerja dan waktu balik memang sharp. Macam hubby tambah lagi dalam 30 minit ke 1 jam sebelum balik kat M** tu. Malaysian punya culture kalau balik lambat tu perform giteww....mereka yang balik awal tu kurang perform.

So you alls yang spesis hok mana se??? Hok rajin bawak balik rumah kerja office atau kerja office hanya disiapkan di office???


  1. CEO mummy ckp, sapa yg blk lmbt la xperform sbb keje xsiap on time...mummy 5.30 'tajam' dah angkat kaki.rugi quality time utk my dotter

  2. dunno la sis..ifa baru nk merasai alam perkerjaan xlama lg..so i will know later on..hee

  3. x kerja lagi tapi kalau nak diikutkan, siapkan semua kerja kat ofis je la. hehe..