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Things you wish you knew before buying a property in Malaysia

Are you planning to buy a property in Malaysia? Buying a house can be quite a daunting experience especially for first timer. This article will guide you through things you wish you knew before buying a property in Malaysia. There is also complete guide to the basics of applying for a housing loan for you to refer to online, if you wish to understand more on the process of applying for a housing loan.
1.          Invest in yourself
First of all, you should invest in yourself by educating yourself more on the property knowledge in Malaysia. Spend your free time to meet up with the property experts, investors and homebuyers to learn some knowledge from them.
2.Average prices of houses
Next, you will need to do a survey to find out the average property prices in Malaysia. The houses in Kuala Lumpur is the most expensive with an average price of approximately RM500,000.
3.Expenditure breakdown
In addition, you will also need have the breakdown of expenditure. You need to plan a budget and man…


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