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Thursday, February 28

Every Day is a #HappyDay

Me dapat smiley bag tag ni semalam. GDEX yang hantar. Musykil pulak parcel kebenda me dapat ni. Bukak bukak rupanya dari Maybank. Ada one of my friend tweet me dan include #HappyDay dan #MyMaybank Beberapa hari lepas tu tetiba Maybank reply kat Twitter kata me menang smiley bag tag sebab kawan me tu tweet me.

Comel gak la smiley bag tag ni :-)

Hairan kerana anak menangis teresak esak.....

Semalam masa nak ambik dania kat sekolah, as usual me selalu tunggu Dania kat cafe. Tetiba Dania datang menangis teresak-esak. Me pelik la sebab menangis over gitu. Me tanya Dania kenapa dia menangis. Mula-mula me tak faham apa yang Dania cakap. Mana la nak faham kalau cakap dalam tangis kan. Akhirnya baru me tahu. 

Rupanya kat kelas bacaan Al Quran, ustazah ada pasang kaset nyanyian mengikut kata yang i faham la. Katanya nyanyian tu ada menyebut ibu dan ayahnya dah tiada. Mungkin untuk tujuan menginsafkan kat bebudak ni kot. Me tanya kenapa Dania menangis dengar lagu tu?. Dania kata sebab dia rindu kat ummi......alahai anak ummi ni....terasa disayangi la pulak....:-) dalam masa yang sama rasa terharu jugak.....

Wednesday, February 27

Artikel yang menarik tentang pengorbanan seorang ibu

When Leo Klink stood up to speak at his mother's funeral, just about all of the 700 in attendance knew about the tragedy that took place at the 17 year-old's last high school soccer game. Leo's mom's dying request made news all over Hawaii, and so did the soccer star's inspired performance that day.
Leo Klink and his mother, Hiroyo. (Courtesy of Klink family)
The mourners all wanted to know Leo a little better, and know his late mom a little better, too. Leo could have said anything at that funeral, or nothing at all, and been embraced for it. Yet his choice of words was telling and powerful.
Leo decided to tell a story about a little moth.

Leo Klink wasn't destined to be a great high school soccer player, or even a member of a great high school team. "I didn't think we were that good my freshman year," Klink said. His mom, Hiroyo, started him in the sport when he was seven, and she didn't have the World Cup in mind. She wanted most of all for her only child to go to college, and Leo worked hard in the classroom to make that happen.
"She taught me you can't just sit on your butt," Leo said. "You gotta get out there and work hard. Hard work gets you places."
Leo could see that clearly. His father, Paul, couldn't work at a 9-to-5 job because of a heart condition, so it was Hiroyo who spent long hours in Waikiki as an accountant. She still had time to teach her son, though, coaching him on the game, putting together highlights for the team, telling her son to respect his teammates, and insisting that he smile. Always smile.
"She had a great smile," said Michael Ching, Leo's high school coach. "She didn't speak a lot of English. But when I would see her, she would have that great smile."
Leo became known for that smile – his mom's smile.
Then he became known as a terrific soccer player. Klink won Gatorade's high school soccer player of the year for Hawaii in 2012 and took his team to the state finals where they lost 3-0. The honor went to him as a junior not only for his play, but also his academic performance and "exemplary character." He volunteered to help the March of Dimes and those affected by the Japan earthquake and tsunami in 2011. Hiroyo and Paul had raised a good kid.
This season, as a senior, Leo led Kalani back to the championship game with 24 goals. Standing in the way was Punahou, the well-known prep school attended by Barack Obama, Manti Te'o and Michelle Wie. Mom and Dad were, as always, in the stands.
Punahou scored first, 15 minutes in, and then Leo tied it on what Ching called "a perfect ball."
Early in the second half, the game was stopped because someone fell ill in the stands. The players on the field had no idea who it was, but word soon reached the head coach: It was Leo's mom.
"I didn't really know what to do," Ching said. "I kinda thought it would crush him. Our team is close and the relationship with the mom was close. It would devastate him, and we didn't know the condition."
Ching continued to wonder and worry until he was given a message: "Don't tell Leo. Do not tell Leo."
Hiroyo had suffered a stroke. Her husband, Paul, had the presence of mind to ask her to smile as she dealt with dizziness and weakness to her left side. When someone has stroke-like symptoms, asking him or her to smile gives a good read on what's wrong. Hiroyo couldn't smile, and that's when Paul knew it was bad. Paramedics were called and Hiroyo was sent to the hospital, but not before she insisted that her son not be told she was in trouble.
The game went on as Leo's mom fought for her life. Punahou took the lead again in the 50th minute, and then it was Leo again, taking the ball to the 18-yard mark and blasting in the tying goal. The game went to overtime.
The teams played two scoreless extra sessions, forcing the game to penalty kicks. Shootouts were not Leo's specialty, and Ching worried about what would happen if his star lost the game for the team and then found out his mom was in the hospital. Yet the coach had a feeling about Leo. He slotted him fourth out of five.
Three rounds passed and nobody scored. It was Leo's turn. He punched his shot into the right side of the net. For the first time, Kalani had the lead.
Punahou had one more shot. Kalani's goalie made the save. And that was it. Leo had led his school to its first-ever state soccer title, scoring all three goals. Emotions poured over the team. Many of the boys were crying. And then Leo's club coach, who was there to cheer on the team, heard from the hospital: things were looking bad. There might not be much time. The coach came over to Leo and told him: the ambulance was for your mom.
Leo fell to his knees, dropped his plaque onto the ground, and cried.
"It was one of the worst things in my life," Leo said. "So heartbreaking. Knowing your mom had a stroke and you couldn't do anything about it."
Leo rode to the hospital and squeezed his mom's hand, and telling her over and over again how he loved her. She was already unconscious.
Two days later, Hiroyo passed away. She elected to donate her organs, so five people will live because she lived. One of the last things she heard was her husband telling her Leo's team had won. Her wish to let him play was fulfilled.
She smiled.
"That's what she wanted," Leo says now. "She wanted us to have a state championship title. Giving her that final news, I think that was the best news of her life."
Leo Klink, 16, led Kalani to the state championship with 24 goals this season. (Courtesy of Klink family)It's been two weeks now since Leo lost his mom. He misses everything about her: the advice she gave, the times they spent talking about the game, the way her special salmon dish made the house smell. And of course, her smile.
"I miss her love," he says. "I miss her existence. I miss her food."
A Facebook page has been set up to raise money for Hiroyo's biggest dream for Leo: a college education. Things will be tougher now, since Paul can't work the way Hiroyo did, so there is concern.
"No one can replace my mom," Leo says. "My dad is doing one half; I'm doing the other half."
Leo isn't sure where he wants to go to school next year, but he wants to play soccer. "It's gonna be great when I start again," he says. "She'll be watching over me."
A few days after his mom's passing, Leo went out with some friends who wanted to cheer him up. They went bowling. The group finished around midnight and got into the car. One of Leo's friends noticed a black moth flitting around. He told Leo about an old legend known to many in Hawaii. When a loved one passes, a black moth is sent to watch over those left behind. Leo listened to this and looked at the moth in awe and wonder. It was floating in the car, just over his head.
Leo told the story of the black moth at his mom's funeral. It said everything about her, how she loved him and looked out for him even when she could no longer watch him – especially when she could no longer watch him.
"It flew right above me," Leo says, "and stayed there."

****Taken from YAHOO

Tuesday, February 26

Pengalaman mendebarkan ketinggalan flight di Gold Coast 16 Feb 2013

Tajuk je pun dah mendebarkan. Inikan pula me yang menempuhnya. Ok...di pagi yang indah, semua bangun awal dan check out awal then hubby type kat GPS Airport Parking. Akhirnya parking yang dimaksudkan adalah tempat parking untuk mereka yang nak tinggalkan kereta dan terus naik flight. Jauh dari airport rupanya. Kami sebenarnya nak parking betul2 depan airport kat tempat Rental Car Bay. 

Kat depan airport ni le parking untuk kereta yang disewa. Dari tempat parking yang sebelum tu yang kami silap tu nak ke airport adalah 3km.

Tiba kat counter Air Asia, baru ajer tutup counternya. Ok....me dah teramat cuak. Lepas tu lepak2 dulu kat airport sebelum mencari solution.  Buntu dibuatnya. Nak nak kena beli tiket baru :-(

Akhirnya kami bercadang nak ke Brisbane Airport kerana di sana banyak seleksi flight. Kami menaiki bas. Tambang bas untuk 3 orang ni AUD 18. Bas akan membawa kami ke Robina Station iaitu stesyen keretapi. Takde bas direct ke Brisbane dari Gold Coast Airport. Walaupun mood takde nak ambik gambar sebab perasaan bercampur baur, akhirnya me ambik jugak gambar sebab nak buat kenang kenangankan. Tambang 2 dewasa dan 1 kanak2 ke Airport sehala ialah AUD 78. Bayangkan rate yang sangat mencekik tu. Convert duit Malaysia x ler 3.2. 

Kalau nak naik teksi terus ke Brisbane Airport harganya ialah AUD200++.

Banyak station yang train ni berhenti sehinggalah ke Brisbane Airport. Train ni sangat selesa dan bersih. Perjalanan mengambil masa 1 jam 30 minit. Kalau naik kereta 45 minit ajer.

Ok dah tiba dah Brisbane International Airport. Actually ada seorang mamat ni me jumpa kat Airport Gold Coast pun naik train yang sama siap pesan kat kami you guys would be ok because I'm off at the next station. Airport is about 15 minutes. So mamat tu turun awal dari kami. How thoughtful of him kan. Cuak jugak kami kan. Maklumlah kat negara orang lak tu. Kena tinggal flight some more....

Cari office MAS tutup la pulak sebab hari ni Sabtu. Masa tiba pun dalam pukul 2pm.

Hati berbunga-bunga kat Flight Center ni cos boleh beli ticket MAS tapi.......rate yang sangat mahal iaitu AUD 2000++ dalam RM6000++. OMG....gila mencekik mak datuk.

Budak ni jugak yang tersenyum happy yek. Siap memain lagi dengan Nintendo bagai.

Ni le tempat berkomunikasi dengan adik di Malaysia. Dah la kena bayar AUD 2 untuk 15 minit ajer. Cuak jugak nak tunggu balasan email dari adik. Kebetulan tempat ni betul2 dekat ajer ngan prayer room. Prayer room kat sini untuk semua agama yek. Kiblat dan sejadah memang ada disediakan di dalam prayer room.

Akhirnya alhamdulilah, syukur kepada mu ya allah kerana dengan izinNYA kami semua dapat pulang ke Malaysia malam ni juga dengan menaiki MAS pukul 11.50 malam. Alhamdulilah. Memang beban yang berat hilang begitu sahaja. Tiket yang baru dibeli dengan AUD 1,670.83. Beli online boleh save banyak tapi ada cut off time sebelum departure time tau. Dah selesai baru la me boleh menguntum senyuman. In between kami makan roti dengan scramble egg yang me masak pagi tadi. Sampai habis 1 buku roti dibuatnya. So memang makan roti je ek. Me sebab susah hati roti sekeping me telan rasa cam makan batu kat kerongkong tu.

Prayer room ni nampaknya kami anak beranak je yang guna. Tapi bilik ni campur lelaki dan perempuan yek. Ada CCTV lagi tu.

Ada tempat makan-makan kat sini. 

Ni kat dalam departure hall. Tempat duduk kat sini ada tiang lampu lagi haa.....selesa nampaknya. 

Kami tak merasa ngopi kat sini. Cuma beli ajer mineral water kat sini. Nak beli chocolate pun takde pulak tanda halal so kami tak beli lah...

Sand yang berukir seperti dolphin :-)

Lama dah tunggu flight tiba kol 11.50 malam, Dania tidur dulu. Kesian anak ummi dari petang lagi dah dok kat airport. Tak merungut lapar ke apa. Dania macam faham situasi ummi dan ayah yek.

Naik je MAS, ada pramugari yang comel ini. Iman Balqis namanya.

Lepas ajer take off dan flight stabil, hidangan snek disediakan. Roti ayam ni sedap la. Ada satu bekas tomato juga. Ishhh tak kena dengan tekak me kalau nak dip roti ni kan. 

Masa dekat-dekat nak mendarat ada breakfast pulak. Me kena gerak dek Iman Balqis. Hehehe. Tertidur yang amat nyenyak. Penat gamaknya sebab adegan airmata kat airport dan penat menunggu lama kat airport. 

Me cakap ngan hubby, terlepas nak makan nasi lemak Pak Nasser yang kami order untuk breakfast atas Air Asia tapi dikurniakan breakfast nasi lemak jugak tapi dari MAS. Alhamdulilah. Ini nasi lemak Brisbane di mana sambal udang ni manis dan err ada sayur kacang panjang pulak kat dalam nasi lemak ni. Ditambah dengan roti, buah, air orange, kopi, muesli bars dan yogurt. Mewah makan atas MAS ni. :-)  

Pukul 5.55 pagi kami selamat tiba kat KLIA. Alhamdulilah. Bersyukur kami akhirnya dapat balik Malaysia. Relief sangat dapat tengok kata2 ini Welcome to Malaysia. Kalau tak, entah bila kami dapat balik ke Malaysia kan...

Teksi Airport Perdana ni harga RM101 balik umah me. Boleh tahan jugak harganya. Sebab dah lepas pukul 6 pagi jadi charge adalah harga normal. Kalau tak kena charge lebih.

Sekian trip ke Gold Coast kami yang diakhiri dengan insiden tidak diingini. Alhamdulilah selamat me type entry ni kat bumi Malaysia......alhamdulilah....:-)

*****kepada Iman Balqis terima kasih kerana melayan kami anak beranak. Iman ni siap ambik address blog me lagi. In fact 2 lagi pramugara yang bertugas bersama Iman, Azman kot namanya dan lagi sorang pun dah melayan tetamu MAS dengan baik sekali. Thanks Iman + friends and thanks MAS :-). 

Monday, February 25

Malam terakhir di Surfer Paradise 15 Feb 2013

Pasar malam kat Surfer Paradise ni bukan macam pasar malam kita kat Malaysia kerana jual barang-barang kering ajer. Kami tak tau pun ada pasar malam ni. Sesaje nak jalan jalan kat tepi pantai sebab dah malam last kat sini.

Ayah ayah apa yang ada kat sini?

Mug dan pinggan yang berwarna-warni. Me sibuk snap gambar, sekali owner tu kata tak boleh ambik gambar. Me terkejut dan menyebabkan gambar ni ada garis garis macam ni. Sekali owner tu cam tergelak sebab me terkejut cuma me kata lucky me :-) Dapat me ambik gambar kat sini.

Kena hati-hati rupanya ada sesetengah kedai ada sign kata no photograph. Mana la me tau kan sebab kat Malaysia boleh ajer ambik gambar...hehehe...

Ni mercutanda kat Surfer Paradise.

Orang asli yang tengah main alat muzik. Bunyi dari alat ni me tak pernah dengar lagi.... first time ni.

Aksesori untuk haiwan kesayangan pun ada.

Cantiknya dress ni....

Ada orang picnic kat sini. Rupanya ada tempat nak BBQ disediakan di sini. Syok tak syok kalau BBQ ditepi pantai dengan angin sepoi sepoi bahasa bertiup...wahhhhh.....

Sibuk hubby suruh me snap gambar dengan Hummer nih. Panjang beb....kereta orang kaya-kaya.

Nampak macam beca kat sini tapi bezanya dengan beca kat Malaysia takde bumbung dan takde la hias-hias macam beca Malaysia dan pengayuh beca pulak pakai macam nak mengayuh basikal siap helmet.

Hubby nak makan kebab pada malam terakhir di Gold Coast.

Sedap sungguh kebab ni. Banyak inti diletakkan di dalamnya.

Ni ler Hard Rock Cafe pada waktu malam di Surfer Paradise. Masa ni lalu je dan tak masuk jugak.

Bye bye Surfer Paradise. Malam ni malam terakhir di sini. Mungkin kita akan berjumpa lagi or mungkin tidak.

Sunday, February 24

Bertandang ke kenduri kahwin adik Wan Amira

Thanks Mira sebab tak lupa nak jemput me. :-) Majlis diadakan di Dewan Bangkuet UPM. So guna ajer GPS coordinate yang Mira bagi, zass terus tiba Dewan tu. 

Blogger Nadia aka Mama Zakwan pun ader :-) Opps Zakwan buat gaya apa tu?...

Nayli yang comel :-) Mata Nayli ni bulat.....

Happy go lucky je family ni :-)

Dania suruh teman nak gi ambik cendol.

Ambik gambar kat booth yang dibuat oleh Mira

Cendol cendol.....sape mau?...:-)

Dewan yang sangat luas dan sangat cantik

Arch ni pun cantik

Kumpulan gamelan UTM.

Pelamin yang cantik.

Tempat meja buffet ada 3 tempat kat dalam dewan ni jadinya meja buffet tak le crowded. 

Ni ler pengantin baru ni. Adik Mira yang lelaki ni ada iras muka Mira kan?

Saje testing ambik gambar sendiri kat dalam toilet. Hihihi....

Ni ler cederahati yang kami dapat. Thanks tuan rumah Wan Amira :-)