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Monday, August 23

Apa nak jadi ni??

Couple with four children had ‘no time to marry’

A COUPLE who have four children aged between three months and three years, claim they had no time to get married.
The two, both of whom are in their early 20s, gave this as a reason for not registering their marriage, reported Harian Metro.
The situation was exposed after officials from the Selangor Islamic Religious Depart­ment (Jais) raided their house in Serdang on Monday after receiving a tip-off.
The daily reported that the man’s mother actually allowed her son and his girlfriend to stay together in her house.
Jais strategic and planning assistant director Shahrom Maarop said all the children have no birth certificates and were delivered by a midwife and not at a hospital.
Shahrom said this was to prevent people from finding out about the couple’s wrongdoings.
“The children will face problems later when they need to go to school,” he added.
He added that the man’s mother could also be charged.
> Kosmo! reported that Jais would catch people who don’t fast at mamak restaurants, roadside stalls, snooker centres, cyber cafes and food courts.
Jais’ public relations and publication unit assistant director Nurha­mizah Othman said the department would concentrate on areas like Shah Alam, Klang, Damansara, Puchong and Kelana Jaya.
“Most of those who were caught not fasting last year were from these areas,” said Nurhamizah.

'no time to marry tapi ada masa plak untuk 'bersuka suka'. Anak they all ni dipanggil anak luar nikah la.....yang si orang tua pulak kasi chance kat anak2. Patut bagi nasihat. Adoiii Mana la pergi agama anda??...

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  1. dh jd mcm kat barat ni..kawin tu formaliti ajer...msia menuju negara majulah ni kononnya..

  2. Suzz : takut diturunkan bala untuk peringatan jer...