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Friday, March 19

My Favourite Surfing Spot

Who loves internet surfing????....I know most of us would say me....me......me........ok....ok.....me too....I love surfing the net especially at the comfort of my living hall. On my carpet.....hahahah...I can lie down.....while surfing the net, i can switch on my TV....hahahah....multi tasking maaa......and maybe if I'm thirsty i can have a drink while surfing......

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Secondly, I also love surfing the net at the cafe. While sipping my cup of coffee and chatting with my friend. 
For example Starbucks Cafe in the United States provide Wi-Fi service for their customer.

"Enjoy great coffee and the Internet at your fingertips. 
Whether you need to check your email, download files for your next meeting, or just surf the web, feel free to connect right in store. Simply register your Starbucks Card and receive two consecutive hours a day of complimentary AT&T Wi-Fi service. Register your Starbucks Card now.
We offer many of the comforts you’d find at home – delicious drinks, tasty snacks, cozy seating. So is it any surprise we offer free internet access too? It’s just part of being neighborly, which comes as naturally to us as making a fantastic cup of coffee."

Nasi Lemak Antarabangsa Puchong Jaya Branch too provide Wi-Fi service for their customer. While having my tasty Nasi Lemak, i can do my favourite activity.....blogging....I can get instant cash some more.....heheheh.....thanks Nuffnang....

Source : Google

I got this from the net. There is also Internet Surfing Addiction. Have you heard about it????....


The main important types of internet surfing addiction are shown below-
Chatting addiction
-On line shopping addiction
-On line business addition
-On line banking addiction
-Downloading addiction
-On line movies addiction


Some important symptoms are-
-Person may feel lonely without internet.
-Aggressiveness when anybody disturbed while working on internet.
-Unusual disputes with friends and colleagues
-Always try to keep ourselves lonely.
-Problem with sleep


Everything has some advantages and some disadvantages also. The main advantages of internet addiction are that it improves the mental level of persons, Person may think beyond the expectation of others, It may also increase the memory of person. Person can improve their knowledge through internet surfing.

The main disadvantages are that It may cause number of disease, Brain damage is one of the harmful disease caused by internet surfing. Another disadvantage is it may disturb sleep some vision impairment and hearing impairment problem is also caused by internet surfing.


We must have knowledge about harmful effect of internet surfing addiction. Parents should inform their child about the bad effect of internet so that our next generation will not involve in this addiction.

Source : http://www.addiction-treatments.com/addiction/Internet-Surfing-/index.html

There always pro and cons using the net but if you love surfing the net, you might consider this :- 


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