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Thursday, January 21

Love Classified Party Red FM & Me

"Come Jan 30, Nisha and the Red FM family will be bringing you to the beautifully structured Swiss-Garden Golf Resort & Spa Damai Laut which has over 300 rooms overlooking the most serene beachfront you have ever seen!"

You will meet us at the Swiss Garden Hotel Kuala Lumpur and board the buses before our departure time at 12p.m. We’re guessing we might reach our getaway at about 4p.m.

What’s next? You get to check-in into your designated rooms!

The REAL fun begins at 7p.m. (all through the night) with Nisha and the other Red FM DJs!

The next morning, you’ll be served a big hearty breakfast and you can also choose to explore Lumut on your own after that.

Just keep in check the amount of time you will need because we’ll be heading back to KL come 2p.m.

Macamana nak dapatkan Exclusive Passes ?


"Simple: Tune in to Nisha for your Late Night Love Songs fix from 11a.m. to 1a.m. for your chance to win LIMITED passes to the Love Classifieds event at the Swiss-Garden Golf Resort & Spa Damai Laut."


Wahhhh Love & Classified Party di Swiss Garden Damai Laut. Ada kaitan ke dengan i?.....Memang ada indirectly sebab i pun akan check in di Swiss Garden pada 30 Jan ni sampai 1 Feb sebab i menang contest juga dari Red Fm - Late Nite Love Songs Threesome 3H 2M bersama breakfast and dinner provided...Awesome!!!! Maybe i get to meet the best deejay from Red Fm. Hopefully lah.....Event Red Love Classified ni 30 Jan - 31 Jan. Hubby i kata meriah la Swiss Garden tuh...Kebetulannyer........i dah booked last year lagi bulan Nov 2009.

I tak sabar jugak....selain tu nak bersantai sambil snorkeling ngan family tercinta... :-) huhuhuhu.....

Selain Resort ni yang baru memenangi anugerah....wahhh ada SPA dalam hotel...Adakah???....hihihi