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Thursday, August 20

Yatie Chomeyl's giveaway - Kisses of Love

Gambar ni special sebab gambar ni diambil masa kami adik beradik bersama Papa sambut Birthday our beloved Mama bersama sambutan Mother's Day. My Mama memang tak suka bergambar tapi entah macamana malam tu, my Mama teramat sporting! tambahan Mr Beloved Sweetheart duduk dekat sebelah....Masa cium, my Mama macam happy sangat (maybe sebab anak sulung dia cium kot!!!) Sayang Mama!!

Wanna get something special from Japan for free?. :eheh:
Of Course.....heheheh.
As my family will be going back to Malaysia on this September, I decided to make a special giveaway in blog Yatie Chomeyl as I've promised in this entry. My hubby has been so generous to sponsor the prizes for the winners and I would appreciate it if other sponsor wish to sponsor this giveaway also kenyit *wink wink*.

What you need to do to join this giveaway are :
1) to put a kissing cheek cium picture and tell me why do you like the picture.
* tak kisahlah gambar hubby anda cium pipi anda OR anak sulung anda cium pipi adik dia OR gambar anda cium pipi mak anda OR gambar cium pipi kawan sejenis OR gambar anda cium pipi anak anda OR whatever...asalkan jangan buh gambar cemolot sudah ye ..blog i bukan blog porn hoccay..kui3x...*

# Update : gambar cium pipi jer tau sebab juri contest ni jenis suka tengok gambar yang menampakkan expression muka, kalau cium dahi tak nampak sangat expression nyer ye tak? *I siap bagi hint lagi kui3x...yg pilih winners nanti incik hubby selaku incik juri*

Terms & Conditions :

This giveaway is only for the follower of blog Yatie Chomeyl


Link to blog Yatie Chomeyl in your entry and add my blog in your bloglist : http://yatiechomeyl.blogspot.com/ (no link back will be disqualified)


Upload the banner of this contest to your sidebar

OK! Banner dah upload!

Only ONE picture per entry


Leave the link to your entry here to inform me that you've join this contest


Winners will be selected by the sponsor a.k.a my hubby

I reserves the right to change the terms & conditions without prior notice

I have the right to replace the prize with the same value.

This giveaway is open to Malaysia residents only and runs from now until

3 p.m (GMT +8:00); August 24, 2009.