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Thursday, December 13

Lovingly Signed - Beautiful pastel baby products

Attention to daddy and mummy to be, this is a great news to share. Lovingly Signed brings you baby items from around the world. It is a good idea to prepare early for the arrival of your little ones. 

Why Lovingly Signed is a good choice for your little ones? 
1. Pastel color good for your baby

Pastel colors will give calm mood especially for newborns . Strong, bright colours have the effect of shocking the baby’s inner vibrations, which can make the baby unsettled and restless. Bold patterns and strong contrasting colours are also likely to be over-stimulating in large doses, so for a small infant soft tones of yellows or creams, peaches or pinks, which radiate warmth and peace are emotionally soothing and comforting. You can have soft pastels of color selection for your little ones brought to you by Lovingly Signed. 

Personalised Essential Bath Set - Blue

2. Baby items can be personalized

Baby items can be personalized according to the baby's name. As if the item was specially made for your baby or if you would like to give it to a friend's or relatives's baby, you can always personalized it. This service is free. You don't have to pay more for it. 

Jellycat Companion Set - Pink

3. Variety of choices to choose from

A great selection of baby items to choose from. From newborn until the age of 3. If you have too many choices that means you already like those choices else you wouldn’t have chosen so many options.
Fuddle Wuddle Unicorn and Vintage Pink Tutu Set

4. Exclusive packaging

Exclusive packaging is also provided free of charge. Sometimes we have to pay more for exclusive packaging right ?. Worry not, Lovingly Signed is inclusive of exclusive packaging. This is one of the reasons why you should all buy online at Lovingly Signed.

Personalised First Christmas Set

5. Online shopping

Online purchases save time and energy. We do not have to go through bad traffic jams. Everyone hates traffic jams. It will ruin your day and mood. To prevent this, it is better to do online shopping. After all your package will be delivered to your doorstep.

 Pippet Penguin and Blanket Gift Set - Cream 

6. Items can be returned

Do not worry if you change your mind, the purchased items can be returned 14 days from the date you received. These items are merely non-personalized items, discounted items, items purchased using vouchers and the items should be returned in good condition. If there is a damage to your items, the damage photos should be sent to Lovingly Signed via email. Your items may be replaced, repaired or you will get a refund for the item you bought.

Personalised Dancing Darcey Elephant and Stars & Stripes Bedtime Gift Set - Pink 

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  1. Oh my God! This looks so lovely I couldn't enjoy the cuteness! My colleague is welcoming his baby boy and I think I should consider this as a gift for them! It would be perfect!

  2. This is so beautiful. I love the pastel color and how cute it is - something I feel will suit the babies better than other products out there. Perhaps, I can gift this to my besty’s son.

  3. Alahai... Comey nya. Boleh rekemen kat kengkawan ni. Sesuai sangat buat hadiah. Thanks sharing Nina save bookmark yaaa

  4. yeah nice gifts for loved ones. now if online shopping can be easy too, just shop online. Always thinking what to shop for new born, now we can refer to this list here. Christmas soon, still have time to shop.

  5. Ni mak mak yang kaki shopping atau bakal-bakal mak kalau nampak website lovingly signed ni confirm kelabu mata. Dah lah comel comel barangan dia, siap boleh personalized lagi. Sure nampak lebih eksklusif. Memang sesuai nak jadikan hadiah lain dari yang lain kan. Ada personal touch orang kata.

  6. suka sangat dengan idea dan design dari lovingly signed ni. Warna pastel lembut sesuai sangat untuk baby. Packaging pun nampak eksklusif. Syok yer kalau dapat satu untuk baby sendiri

  7. Cute gift with a nice packaging will create great excitement to someone who receive it. Unluckily, i just know about this service, or else will buy it for my BFF. Will wait for her next baby then..

  8. Nice..barang cantik, deco pun cantik. Seb baik takde anak kecik skang ni, kalau tak mahu membeli kt sini jugak

  9. I love pastel color. Especially products with personally touch for baby and kids. Should recommend these lovely gifts to all my friends (esp mother)

  10. So kawaii ne... mouse mommy loves personalised stuffs too, feeling so personal and sense of belongings :) Will check it out! Thank you!

  11. Lovingly Signed memang best. Banyak menawarkan produk produk bayi yang cantik .Paling suka personalised stuff tu boleh custom made nama baby pada tuala ,bag dan sebagainya .Harga pun berpatutan .

  12. C9mel sungguh brgan dekat lovingly signed ni. Liez suka bagi barang-barang yang cute macam ni. Mak-mak klau nmpk benda-benda comel macam ji memang mesti seronok. Bagus ada website macam ni kan..

  13. Auch! Its so cute lovingly signed. Such lovely product for a newborn. It was great with an exclusive packaging and can be personalized specially made for our little one. It will be a great moment that can be memorized forever. Good idea and nice!

  14. pastel color haha you reminded me of a news i watched recently where now they dont produce toys in pink or blue color for boy or girl, but rather some plain color for the suit of the third gender.

    How to deal with markets ups and downs?

  15. Such pretty gifts for babies, I think all mummies who sees this kind of gifts will be attracted to it.