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Wednesday, April 6

Ai in Beijing

This entry is meant for IMAS Travel.

I choose the word Ai because in Chinese words, Ai means LOVE. Best representing the Love i found in Beijing.

Ai for my family. Love my family bonding time. The love of a family is life's greatest blessing.

Ai for warm hospitality of MAS flight attendance and the services.

Ai for the most prestigious fleet in the World

Ai for Beijing's unique architecture.

Ai for Beijing's yummy food....

Ai for beautiful scenery in Beijing

Once upon a time.....they live a family of 3......

Our journey to Beijing begins



Today, is one of Malaysia's public holiday. Awal Muharam. Me, hubby and family had our lunch at Fendi Ikan Bakar, Kelana Jaya. We also had a great time at IOI Shopping Mall before headed home and packed all the stuff to our travel bag. I cook fried rice for dinner. The cab came to our house around 9.00pm. We reached KLIA at 10.00pm and we went to MAS check in counter. Then, off we go to the aerotrain station in order for us to enter the satellite bulding. I am so nervous and yet excited because i don't know what to expect in Beijing during winter. Yes this is my first time traveling abroad during winter time.

As we enter the boarding gate, the gate will only open at 12am so we decided to hang around at one of the cafe here.

On board the MAS aircraft i feel like so cheerful with all the bright colours of the seat cover. Bright blue, orange, red, green.....and warm smile of flight attendance melted my heart.

Hubby and my little princess

Me and Dania before onboard the aircraft

Just relax for a few minutes after take off, the flight attendance serve us with supper. After supper, all i remember was when the flight attendance wake me up to serve breakfast. I fell asleep right after the flight took off. How comfortable MAS flight was that's why i fell asleep so fast. No wonder MAS won so many recognition worldwide....

Nasi Lemak

Egg and Vege

We reach Beijing at 6.30am. The weather here was freezing cold. Its -17 celcius. We took a cab to our hotel. The cab driver charge us Yuan 300 which is equal to RM150. I bargain for lower fare so we did get it at Yuan 200. The problem here in Beijing, many of them cannot speak English so does the taxi driver. I show him the hotel's photo and the address which i print earlier from the net. We stay at King Wing Hot Spring Hotel during our visit here.

Our room

The hotel's lobby

Reception counter

Day 1

We stroll along the walking pavement. At last we decided to take a cab to Tiananmen Square because non of the locals knows what am i talking about. Pity me phewww.......can you imagine I asked them in English Language, they reply in Mandarin. My question was, where is the nearest train station?. I immitate Mr Bean's action in the movie Mr. Bean's Holiday. You can see here.

minute 6.24

Searching for a train station

City walk

Grrrr....Ice cold. Our body not used to the extreme weather here. My little princess shivering although she's wearing 4 layer of clothes. http://www.emocutez.com

In front of Tiananmen Square

Day 2

We plan to go shopping at the open air market which i saw in Travel and Living. I ask the reception counter to write me a chinese character words so they wrote Mo See Yuar (in chinese). We then took a cab to the destination. Its a shopping complex. Can you imagine 1 floor of just child's toys, 1 floor of just bedding and its damn huge i would say. We bought our daughter her first doll house. At first the price was Yuan 250 so i bargain for Yuan 150. The doll house is cheaper here compared to Malaysia.

From the help from an English school teacher , we manage to go to the area where Niujie Mosque is situated
and she wrote in a piece of paper, "Mo Se Ke" in chinese character. When i show this to the cab driver, he brought us to the Moscow Restaurant which is situated near the Beijing Exhibition Center. Maybe the
pronounciation is slightly similar. We then try to hire a transport similar like the one in Thailand (tut tut). He brought us to the middle of nowhere. At last we bump into a Halal Restaurant and a gentlemen translate us the menu. Thank god. After meal, we then asked the gentlemen the way to the Mosque. Not very far from here stood a very unique and famous mosque in Beijing. Known as Niujie Mosque. We bump into Malaysian here. Wah....at last i can speak Malay. They hire a local translater that can speak Indonesian language. Lucky them.

In front of Muslim Restaurant in Beijing

Niujie Mosque

Day 3

The journey to Beijing is not complete if we don't visit Great Wall of China. There are 3 excess to Great Wall of China either through Badaling, Mutianyu or Simatai. As usual, i went to the hotel reception to ask them to write a chinese character of Great Wall. We took a cab to Tiananmen Square. Later we bought a tour to Great Wall of China and we follow a group of tourist from all over China. None of them knows how to speak English. Oh dear......the journey from Tiananmen to Great Wall took us 1 hour. Along the way, scenery of a brownish trees all over Badaling area. I guess because of the winter season, the trees turn into brownish in colour. I saw a few spot of melted snow. Guess what? I decided not to follow hubby and my daughter to climb the stairs at Great Wall because the stairs step is so steep. I rather taking care of our bag while my hubby and little princess, took a stairs up to the 1st Great Wall tower. I'm phobia of the height okay. Good for my little princess and hubby because they had a chance of a lifetime capturing photo with a Llama.

Before onboard a tour bus to Badaling

After the Great Wall tour, we then headed to the jade center nearby. To tell you the truth, the tourist guide explain in chinese. There is no translation in english. Me, hubby and Dania just follow the group without understanding the words....ha ha http://www.emocutez.com

Here is the jade center. Of course Jade is one of the popular stone among chinese community.

And here................the cultural village

We are back at Tiananmen Square at 9.00pm.

Beijing city at night

Day 4

Today, again....we went back to Mo See Yuar (shopping complex). We shop for souvenir for family back in Malaysia. We went to Keanu Reeves Store. I don't know that Keanu Reeves actually own a store??...We wanted to try a train. Later, we found out that traveling by train is more cheaper because the rate is flat rate for Yuan 2. No matter whether the station is far or near. We came to realised this only after our fourth day in Beijing. Besides, all the tourist attraction is situated along the train station. Later, we had dinner at Dong Lai Shun Muslim Restaurant not far from Tiananmen Square. We order 1 stick of fried mutton, noodle soup and chinese fried rice. Although the restaurant looks exclusive but the food price is so affordable.

In front of Keanu Reeves Store

Dong Lai Shun Muslim Restaurant

Day 5

Wake up call at 5.27am. After breakfast, we took a cab to Beijing International Airport. I met with this western beautiful lady that seat beside me. She's an expatriate following her husband working in Beijing. Such a sweet person and friendly. Her name was Petra. She asked me a lot about Kuala Lumpur and Langkawi because she and her family plan to have a short vacation there.

Thanks MAS for creating a beautiful moment for me and my family. Just perfect for a relaxing long haul journey.....

Hopefully, i will be given a chance to recreate beautiful and blissful moment again with Malaysia Airlines....

M - Memorable
A - Adventure
S - Simply The Best

My family and I have experience it. Have you ????


  1. wahh akak nice sangat entri ni...gudluck tau...wish u all the best!! oo skang dh tau profil pic akak kat sini n fb tu rupa-rupanya time g China..hehe

  2. ada unta ek...bestnye p time sejuk..kita dlu p time apa ek lupa... tk silap summer

  3. good luck ezna ;) besh tu tgk kawan2 enjoy holiday ke luar negara ^^

  4. dh like...gud luck
    intan suriani isa...

  5. Mek, reading this nice entry feeling like @ China la.. xpayah susah2 nak pegi sana.. hahahhaha!! by the way.. good story to share..

  6. wahhh..syoknyaaa~ tringin nk p..
    tp abah Alyn ska p indonesia ja (=
    nk p beijing gak~