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Friday, December 18

Baby & Nature Sugarissa Contest

Salam and welcome to Sugarissa!
Upon the launching of this new Online Store I would like held a fun contest to all mummies / daddies / uncles / aunties out there to join and get to know about Sugarissa at the same time!

CLOSING: 15th January 2010

To take part you will need to:
1. Be a Sugarissa Follower! You will automatically become a Sugarissa member if you are a follower.Done!
2. Upload a picture of your little one (aged 0-6 years old at the time) outdoors with animals/trees/seaside (you got the idea). It can be a picture of a child, with mummy/daddy or with the whole family. No edited version.My photo :-


God greatest creation, a beautiful rainbow in a desert
Do you see any pots of gold???

Child's name : Dania Yasmine

3. Give a creative title to the photo and write down your child name. One entry per person.Done!
4. In your entry, please include a link back to this giveaway entry. Invite Everyone to join!
5. Please insert the contest logo at your sidebar with a link back to this entry as well.Done!
6. Once everything done, leave your comment here with a link back to your entry and include your email. Done!!

I will accept any version of the entry, wether it is in Bahasa Malaysia or English.
Keputusan pengadil adalah muktamad. :p


  1. Very creative.. very nice.. good luck!!

  2. Kak Long Farah.....try for my luck.....hihihi....Ayu......a'ah rainbow tu ada sbb sebelum tu hujan renyai....

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